Samsung NP510R5E-A01UB Review


It is an important thing for a laptop to have a fast respond. Moreover, some people also like to have a quite laptop machine when they use it. At least, they don’t have to disturb with your noisy sound. The best thing is that you can find those two strengths in Samsung NP510R5E-A01UB laptop 15.6” Laptop – 6GB Memory – 750GB Hard Drive. This laptop is considered as a responsive gadget along with smooth machine sound. It seems that two processors installed there which are 3rd Gen Intel Core i5-3230M and Intel Core i5 work well to give fast speed and respond. The responsive and smooth sound also supported by a great hardware. This type of laptop is perfect for those who love to play an online or PC games. Moreover, this Samsung laptop perfectly accommodates movie lovers to watch their favorite movie in high level of satisfactory. Definitely, it will be perfect if you can bring laptop anywhere you want before playing your favorite game or watching your favorite movie. So, what you need is a lightweight and easy to bring laptop. Fortunately, this laptop is considered as handy and lightweight gadget with 0.9 inches weight, 14.8 inches weight, and 9.8 inches depth. The total of the weight is 4.6 inches and it is 0.9 inches thinner if it is compared to the similar versions.

Samsung NP510R5E-A01UBOne more interesting parts of this Samsung NP510R5E-A01UB laptop 15.6” Laptop – 6GB Memory – 750GB Hard Drive is on the vibrant color and the high quality graphic. Intel Turbo Boost technology works well because it provides you with HD graphic and it means you will have a great graphic if you really need to have it. Besides the description above, you also need to consider about the price. You have to make sure whether the price is worth with the specification of the laptop itself. The good news is that Samsung NP510R5E is not a bad gadget for a $550 gadget. You can’t doubt about the role of internet and most people will use a gadget which can support them to get more internet access. It is glad to see that this laptop supports you to get more internet access anywhere and anytime you want. We may say thanks to the Intel wireless display because by using this display you get more internet access to download any kind of things including movies, music, TV show, and image from your personal laptop. Even, it is also possible for you to connect to internet without wires because of built in Intel Centrino Advanced 6235 wireless LAN. Music lovers can also easily link to any kind of device including MP3 player because of Bluetooth 4.0 interface. The fun is not stopped there because this cool laptop is using windows 8. This windows 8 platform allows you to get stable computing activities such as working with words, surfing, gaming, and keeping your data safe.

The specification explained above is not perfect without the outstanding physical appearance. From the physical appearance, Samsung NP510R5E-A01UB laptop 15.6” Laptop – 6GB Memory – 750GB Hard Drive is using aluminum construction with metal finish. By using the combination of those two materials, you will have a stylish physical appearance and even it increases your confidence while using it in front of your friends. After talking about the strength of this laptop it is better for you to know the weakness or the issues about this gadget. For example, it is good to have windows 8 in this laptop but it is also considered as a problem. The alternative is installing windows 7 and the performance still great. It seems that we still not get used to with the operating system and it means the users can’t automatically use it normally. Definitely, it doesn’t help if you need to use the laptop for urgent condition. Moreover, the size of the keyboard is also a problem especially because it is too big. The keyboard needs to be concerned because it is not good and easily broken. Because most people want to use their laptop faster, it is also better to have office pre-installed there. Now, you have the detail of this laptop and for those who want to buy online.